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This Sales seminar originally scheduled for August 5, 2008, has been cancelled due to lack of registered participants.

   AMTDA on the Road

AMTDA staff hit the road last month on a quest to learn more about the machine tool industry.  Ridge Engineering inHamptead, Maryland , playPeter Borden, CMTSE, AMTDA Presidented host to staff and showed off their 68,000 sq. ft. facility.  Distributors from Automated Solutions, West Chester, PA, helped facilitate the tour. 

What did AMTDA staff see?  The better question could be what did the staff not see?  Ridge has an impressive facility that seems to go on for days with different types of machines from end to end.  AMTDA staff was able to see CNC lathes, CNC lasers, horizontal boring mills, and much more, and learned about metalworking processes like waterjet cutting, brazing, wire machining methods, and had opportunity to even see a robot or two. AMTDA staff was also able to see first-hand the types of jobs provided in a machine shop – everything from metal sheet cutting to computer programming. 

After AMTDA’s tour, staff sat down with Ridge Engineering President David Tracey.  Not surprising, the biggest issue for Ridge Engineering is finding skilled workers.  Ridge Engineering is lucky that the average employee has nearly 15 years with the company, but finding the labor to start that career path is tough.

Tracey has reached out to his community in Maryland and is working with the local vocational school to help educate students that a career in manufacturing is a fulfilling career path.  One way that his company is doing this is by working to renovate the school itself.  In this case, the school itself had an outdated look and did not focus on the machines, so Tracy and some of his staff are helping the school to redo the layout to highlight the machines and computers.

  AMTDA Means...

Solutions: When you work with an AMTDA member, you can expect solutions to your challenges, not a high power sales pitch.

Experience: Do you really want to purchase a machine worth your annual salary from a salesman who's never run one?

Results: AMTDA members understand the issues you face, and have more options to get results than any other group in the industry.

Business: AMTDA members provide opportunities for you to cut costs and increase your revenue with productivity, engineering, and an understanding of your business.

When you are looking to increase your profitability through machine tools and related services and accessories, ASK your saleman if they belong to AMTDA.  When you see AMTDA membership you can trust you're dealing with a professional. 

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